Vehicle Owners FAQ

Q: Does an all-wheel-drive vehicle require a flatbed? A: No, conventional tow trucks are capable of lifting all-wheel-drive vehicles off the ground.

Q: Who makes up the impound fees? A: All towing companies are regulated by the City of Jacksonville.

Q: What if I report my vehicle stolen? A: All towing companies are required to report all impounds immediately to local law enforcement and receive a tow report number. This prevents falsely reporting a stolen vehicle and assists owners in determining which company has the vehicle.

Q: How long will you store a vehicle for? A: Typically we will begin the lien sale process after 35 days of impound.

Q: Is your impound lot secure? A: Yes, we have two locations fully lit and secured. We do not let anyone into our lots so you can be assured your vehicle and belongings are safe.

If you would like more information about our services you can also reach us at [email protected]